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Natural Caramel

Hand-crafted natural caramel, slow cooked and crafted in small batches and individually wrapped by a classic 20th-century machine. Caramels come packaged in pillow packs and larger tubes. 

Made by: McCrea's Candies

Made in: Boston, MA

Specifications: 5.5. oz. tube & 1.4 oz. pillow

Flavor Family: A handcrafted collection of traditional and unexpected favorites. Something for everyone. Dark Roasted Mocha, Ginger Fusion, Rosemary Truffle Sea Salt, Single Malt Scotch, Black Lava Sea Salt, Tapped Maple, Cape Cod Sea Salt, Classic Vanilla, Deep Chocolate. 

Black Lava Sea Salt: Rich, creamy caramel with crystals of Hawaiian black sea salt. A moment in paradise.

Classic Vanilla: Our original caramel generously infused with sweet, aromatic vanilla. For the purist.

Tapped Maple: Long-lasting caramel sweetened with pure New England maple syrup. Autumn that never ends.

Single Malt Scotch: Peaty and rich, spiked with smoky Ardmore Scotch. Intoxicating flavor, no hangover.

Deep Chocolate: Velvety cocoa coupled with luscious sweet cream. An enduring romance.

Chocolate Peppermint: Cool peppermint and rich chocolate. A classic flavor combination that evokes holiday memories, but is enjoyable any time. 

Rosemary Truffle Sea Salt: Fresh-from-the-garden rosemary mingled with imported truffle sea salt. Savory magic.

Dark Roasted Mocha: Luscious dark chocolate blended with freshly ground organic coffee. Get your fix.

Cinnamon Clove: Cinnamon bark and whole cloves steeped in hot cream will keep you warm all season.

Cafe Noir: A trio of cream, sugar and freshly ground coffee beans. Deceptively addictive.

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