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Palo Santo Wood

The Spanish translation of palo santo is "holy wood" due to the belief that it holds spiritual powers to heal, cleanse bad energy from the atmosphere and also bring good luck.

This pack of high-quality palo santo wood contains six sticks, each of which can be burned to allow its aroma to freshen the air and encourage relaxation. 

Made by: Rituals Incense

Specifications: 6 sticks, each about 4" long

Use: To use, light one end, blowing the flame out shortly after it catches. Let the burning stick smolder, releasing a relaxing fragrance and purifying the air in the room. Extinguish into a bowl with sand for safety. Relight as needed. 

Further Reading: Rituals Incense is a socially and environmentally responsible business. They believe that part of the magic of their product is the thoughtful way in which it was collected and cared for. 

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