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The Pencil Collection: Pencils of Japan

Some of the smartest and most innovative items in our office collection come from Japanese makers who’ve elevated stationery supplies beyond the basics. By combining thoughtful design with exceptional quality, these makers produce tools for everyday living that embody a balance of form and function. 

Nowhere is this more evident than in the writing utensils being produced by Japan’s top pencil makers, some of whom have been in business since the early 20th century.

Our Pencils of Japan collection is a sampling of some of our favorite finds from five respected pencil manufacturers whose products we’ve tried and tested (and loved) over the years. It features a selection of seven pencils of varying designs and compositions, and includes two mechanical pencils. 

In each pack, you’ll receive one of each of the following:

Tombow | Mono 100 | 2B

Kitaboshi | Beginning Pencil | 10B

Ohto | Mechanical Pencil | 0.5mm

Tombow | Mono Calligraphy | 4B

Kokuyo | Enpitsu Sharp Mechanical | 0.9mm

Mitsubishi | Kohitsu | 6B

Tombow | 8900 | HB

Curated by: Boston General Store

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