Traveler's Company

Traveler's Notebook

A handmade, refillable leather journal crafted to inspire the traveler on their journey around the world. Designed simply, with a fully customizable interior, allowing each writer to personalize the notebook to their needs. Add kraft envelopes for maps, sticky notes, pen holders, zipper pockets, and more. 

Ideal for the adventurer, but perfect for jotting down thoughts from daily life. Made with the highest-quality Midori paper from Japan, the notebook provides a comfortable, smooth writing surface that makes capturing your reflections from the day easier than ever. 

Don't set out on your next experience without a Traveler's Notebook. And customize your journal with these Traveler's Notebook Accessories. 

Shop Traveler's Notebook Add-ons & Refills to fully customize your travel journal. 

Materials: leather, paper, rubber, tin

Made by: Traveler's Company

Made in: Japan

Specifications:  5" W; 8.75" H; includes Blank Refill (64 pages) 

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