Carbon Ajikiri Knife

Niwaki’s Carbon Kitchen Knives are made with White Paper Shirogami steel, wrapped in a softer Jigane steel, with octagonal walnut handles. 

Beautifully balanced and beautifully simple, these kitchen knives are a popular choice for Japanese chefs, as they sharpen quickly and easily. This also makes them ideal for beginners.

The Ajikiri Knife is a smaller knife, measuring 9" end-to-end with a 4.75" blade. Ajikiri knives are used in Japan for filletting fish (ajiis a type of mackerel). 

Materials: Shirogami White Paper steel, walnut

Made by: Niwaki

Made in: Japan

Specifications:9" total length / 4.75" blade length

Care: Carbon steel knives can be made sharper and stay sharper than stainless steel knives, but they require a little more care. We recommend reading our tips for Caring for Carbon Steel Knives before you purchase. 

    Further Reading: Niwaki Kitchen Knives are made at the Tadafusa Factory in Sanjo, Japan, founded in 1948 and now run by the third generation of the Sone family. 




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