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Tom's Studio Fountain Pen with Japanese Brush Tip

The Tom's Studio Fountain Pen is a beautifully designed fountain pen equipped with a Japanese brush tip. Designed to inspire creativity, its compact and portable design means you can be creative whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. 

Using the knowledge acquired from making calligraphy pens for some of the world's leading calligraphers, Tom wanted to make a pen that took all the best elements of a calligraphy pen and applied them to a fountain pen. 

Once he had that design figured out, he turned his efforts toward designing a brush tip that was compatible with a fountain pen. 

The result is this brush-tip fountain pen with its lovely, reassuring weight and a brush tip that delivers a smooth stroke that varies from thin to thick, for maximum creative expression. 

More about the brush tip: 

The versatile tip adds real depth to line work so it’s perfect for brush lettering and illustration, and it can be refilled time and time again with a whole range of inks.

The Japanese Brush Tip is 4.5mm at its thickest and hairline at its thinnest, giving loads of depth and expression to your artistic stroke.

Tom designed a brand new feed using an SLS super-accurate industrial 3D-printer to ensure that the air flow was good enough to transport the ink smoothly and generously from the cartridge through such a chunky tip.The end result is a brilliantly juicy effect on the page. 

The nib is reversible, and so when one end starts to dull, you can flip it over and keep going.

Please only use with fountain pen ink like the Tom's Studio Fountain Pen Ink. Pigment or calligraphy ink is not compatible.

Made by: Tom's Studio

Made in: England, UK

Materials: anodised aluminium, nylon, polyester 


  • 5.6" long, closed
  • 6.25" long, open with cap
  • Japanese brush tip 
  • includes a converter

Care: When you’re ready to switch inks, simply wash the nib with cold water. Or, you can switch to using your new ink without cleaning in between, and enjoy the amazing new colors you create as the inks transition and blend together.

Further Reading: The Tom's Studio mission is to create beautiful and innovative tools that inspire folks to be creative and to benefit from all that this brings.

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