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Moku Pruning Saw

Niwaki's Moku Pruning Saw has an ergonomic handle and medium blade length, making it the perfect size for gardening and light tree pruning. 

Designed to fit snugly within the included beechwood scabbard so there’s no rattling and no need for extra straps, this is a tool that's great for all-round pruning in the garden, woodland, and orchard.

Wooden handled saws are making a comeback in Japan, popular among younger gardeners keen to get back in touch with the craft of their trade. The handle of the Moku Pruning saw is unfinished beechwood. Treat it with your preferred oil, or let sweat and hard work finish it for you.

Materials: SK5 steel, beech wood; sheath is beech wood and leather

Made by: Niwaki

Made in:  Sanjo, Japan

Specifications: 15.25" total length (10" blade); sheath is 13.75" long

Use: Japanese pruning saws cut on the pull stroke, not the push, which means the blade is under less pressure when cutting and uses less energy, resulting in a far cleaner, faster cut. They whizz through green wood, but the blades are more fragile than traditional western saws and incorrect use can result in damage.

  • Use a smooth, gentle sawing action, doing the cutting on the pull, and gliding back on the push
  • Don’t let the weight of the branch pinch or catch the blade
  • Don’t twist the blade while sawing
  • Don’t use a small saw for a large job. Treat 1/3 of the length of the blade as the absolute maximum sensible cutting diameter. (In this case, we recommend a max cut diameter of 50mm.)

Further Reading: Shirai san, 3rd generation saw maker, has been making woodworking and gardening saws for 45 years.

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