Metacil Pencil

The Metacil pencil is a stroke of genius (pun intended). Made entirely of metal, it writes without a standard graphite core or leads. The secret is a long-lasting aluminum-graphite alloy tip, which doesn't require sharpening. 

The result? A writing tool that won't get your hands, pockets, or bags dirty, doesn't require delicate replacement leads, and lasts a long time (16km of writing, according to the manufacturer). It's also very quiet, which is perfect for times when the scritch-scratch of a traditional pencil would be unwelcome by sleeping roommates or fellow library patrons. 

We love the novelty of this product but also its practical functionality. It is weightier than a standard pencil and has a cool, smooth feel, a matte finish, and an ergonomic octagonal shape. It produces lines similar to a 2H pencil and can be erased. 

Materials: aluminum alloy (aluminum 

Made by: Metacil

Made in: Japan

Specifications:5.9" long 

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