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HiBAR Shampoo Bar - Maintain

HiBAR's shampoo bars are low-waste alternatives to bottled shampoo. Reduce your plastic waste and treat your hair to HiBAR's meticulously crafted formulations at the same time. These mighty shampoo bars last as long as 2 big plastic bottles of liquid shampoo, and the shape is designed to fit comfortably in your hand for easy use. Salon quality and color safe.  


A deep clean for normal, well-balanced hair without stripping away natural moisture. Quaternized honey enhances hair's healthy shine and Vitamin B5 helps fortify and restore your hair's natural resilience.  

BEST FOR: combination or frizzy hair 

Follow up your shampoo with HiBAR's Maintain Conditioner Bar.

Keep your Shampoo Bar dry with the Hibar Shower Lift or a HiBar Travel Pouch for on the go. 

Materials:   View a complete list of ingredients here

Made by:   HiBAR

Made in:   St. Paul, Minnesota 


  • 1 bar, 3.2 oz (size may vary)
  • cruelty free
  • no sulfates, phthalates, paraben, or silicones

Packaging:  HiBAR's paper packaging is printed with vegetable-based ink and is fully recyclable and compostable. 

Use: Apply HiBAR shampoo bars directly to very wet hair, massaging into your scalp and roots until you feel a good lather. Rinse thoroughly.

Care: Keep your bar dry, away from direct water. The design allows it to sit upright, helping it shed any moisture. Because HiBAR bars are natural, we recommend they be used within 12 months, provided they're being properly stored.  You can also store your bar with the HiBAR Shower Lift or HiBAR Travel Pouch for on the go. 

Further Reading:   HiBAR is a beauty brand working to inspire the removal of single-use plastic by redesigning personal care products to be beautiful, functional, and plastic free.  They have eliminated almost 5 million plastic bottles and saved over 800,000 gallons of water since 2018.

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