Green Tea Essential Soap

Enjoy a satisfying scrub with SallyeAnder’s Green Tea Soap. Made with green tea and oils from olives and organic jasmine to fight wrinkles and nurture sensitive skin.

Materials:  Olive Oil Blend, Organic Brown Rice Flour, Young Hyson Green Tea, Jasmine and Green Tea Essential Oils

Made by: SallyeAnder

Made in: New York, USA

Specifications: .31 lbs; 3" x 3" x 2.5"

Further Reading: More than thirty years ago, Gary Austin (Sallyeander Owner) had a brainwave. A lover of good green tea, he wondered how he could use it in a bar of soap. He took freshly ground Young Hyson green tea and mixed it with brown rice flour for extra texture and a satisfying scrub. He took his classic olive oil blend and added organic jasmine and green tea essential oils which make it sweetly fragrant as well as lending wrinkle-fighting antioxidants. This was a recipe for a fabulous soap and it was one of their first seven soaps. They sell it to this day because people love its long-lasting fragrance and use it without fail. The result is skin that feels comfortable, looks and feels more youthful. For sensitive skin.


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