Ash Wood Massage Brush

Andree Jardin

This generously-sized massage brush from AndréJardin fits nicely in the hand for exfoliation before or during bathing, or for gentle massage. Thermo-treating the ash wood with high temperature steam gives it its beautiful caramel brown color, while making it more resistant to humidity. Simple, functional design combined with classic French craftmanship is the hallmark of Andree Jardin products like this one. 

Materials: ash wood and natural bristles, woven strap

Made by: Andrée Jardin

Made in: France

Further Reading: Since 1947, the craftsmen behind the AndréJardin brand have been creating simple, durable, and beautifully-crafted brushes and cleaning accessories in France. These small-batch artisinal pieces are natural and long-lasting, made with wood sourced from sustainably managed forests. 

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