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Wick Trimmer

Trimming the wick of any candle before burning ensures an even, long-lasting burn. This matte black steel wick trimmer reaches down into candle jars with angled handles to neatly trim wicks, while the unique disc-shaped ends catch the trimmings so they don't fall into the candle. 

Materials:  steel

Made by:Wickman Products

Specifications: Measures approximately 7" x 2.5" 


  • Trim your candle's wick before lighting it each time. Never trim a lit wick. Always wait until the candle has cooled.
  • Carefully lower the wick trimmer into the candle jar and snip the wick about 1/4" from the surface of the wax. 
  • The trimmed part of the wick should remain on the rounded tips of the blades, making it easy to discard the trimming in the trash. 
  • Never leave trimmings in the candle jar as they can affect the candle's burn and cause safety issues. 

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