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Tom's Studio Fountain Pen Ink

Tom's Studio Fountain Pen Inks are beautifully rich, distinctive inks that are a joy to write or create with. Suitable for all pens and brushes, each bottle holds 50ml of ink, enough to keep you going for reams of writing, drawing or doodling. Pair them with Tom's Studio Lumos Pro Duo Pen or Studio Fountain Pen.

These fine, British-made inks are water based, acid-free, non-toxic, and vegan-friendly. Each Ink comes beautifully presented in a glass bottle with a gold-foiled, antique-laid paper label. 

Damson - Who doesn’t love picking sun-ripened plums while out on summer walks? This particular shade reminds us of family outings, picking fruit into a tupperware jar (and more often than not, directly into our bellies).

Deep Black - Classical doesn’t have to mean boring. Deep, dark, and long-lasting, this tried-and-tested favorite isn’t simply ‘black’, it’s every color combined to create the deepest of blacks.

Mallard - Nature is overflowing with the richest array of greens, and we were spoiled for choice when looking for inspiration for this particular shade. A deep blue-green, like the plumes of a mallard duck. 

Mulberry - Symbolically dedicated by the Ancient Greeks to their Goddess of wisdom, Athena, the Mulberry tree is our chosen source of inspiration for our deepest, richest shade of red – a striking ink choice for your creative ventures.

New Forest Green - An ink named for the beautiful New Forest National Park in England, renowned for its wild horses, ancient woodlands, and protected wildlife. We love this little corner of England so much that we decided to name this rich shade of green after it.

Materials: water-based ink in a glass bottle

Made by:  Tom's Studio

Made in:  England, UK

Specifications:  50 ml

Use: Fountain pen inks are highly 'layerable', allowing you to build different intensities or colors by applying more or less ink on the paper. Please note that the color on the label may not perfectly represent the color achieved when using different pens or techniques.

Because the ink has such a concentrated color, you can dilute it with a smidge of water (ideally distilled) to create watercolor-like washes and depth of color.

Further Reading: The Tom's Studio mission is to create beautiful and innovative tools that inspire folks to be creative and to benefit from all that this brings.

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