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Lumos Full Creative Tip Set

A set of eleven Japanese-made fiber and brush tips for your Tom's Studio Lumos Pro Duo Pen, including a fineliner, writing, brush tip, bullet tip, and chisel tip. A handy card holds the tips and helps you keep track of which ones you are using. 

Made by:  Tom's Studio

Made in:  England, UK

Materials:  nylon, polyester 


  • 0.1 tip (0.4mm)
  • 0.2 tip (0.5mm)
  • 0.3 tip (0.8mm)
  • 0.5 tip (1mm)
  • 0.8 tip (1.2mm)
  • 1.0 tip (1.4mm)
  • Brush Tip
  • 2.0 Chisel Tip
  • Bullet Tip


  • All nibs will work with most fountain pen inks except the most experimental of inks (think shimmer and iridescent). The folks at Tom's Studio have tried a LOT and haven't found one that doesn't work well. Experiment and find the inks that work best for you!
  • Avoid using pigment ink in the brush, chisel, and felt tip as it will clog.
  • If in doubt, use ink designed for fountain pens or make sure that it's dye based. Indian, acrylic, and gouache-based inks will clog the pen. 

To replace a tip, simply rinse your used tip, leave it to dry, and replace with another. 

Further Reading: The Tom's Studio mission is to create beautiful and innovative tools that inspire folks to be creative and to benefit from all that this brings.

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