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Kaweco Collector's Series Fountain Pen

Kaweco's Collector's Series Fountain Pen is their Kaweko Sport in unique and limited-edition colors, each with a story to tell. Measuring 4.2" closed and 5.1" open, the pen is easily transportable while still being comfortable in the hand during use. The Collector's Series Pen can be used with Kaweco ink cartridges, or else with a refillable mini converter and ink bottle.

Toyama TealIn the Toyama Bay area of Japan, a natural spectacle occurs in the spring when thousands of bioluminescent squid illuminate the coastal waters. This teal pen with pearl green shimmer is inspired by the deep blue waters sparkling in the moonlight. Stainless steel nib and silver-tone accents complement the deep, rich teal.

Iridescent Pearl Imitating the optical effect of mother-of-pearl, the translucent material of this fountain pen shimmers in colors ranging from green-bluish to pink. Stainless steel nib and silver-tone accents complement the pearlescent body of this pen. 

Dark Olive - Inspired by nature, the dark olive material chosen for this pen can be both soothing and stimulating. Gold-tone accents and a brass nib complement the olive green perfectly. 

Materials:  plastic, brass, stainless steel

Made by:  Kaweco 

Made in:  Nuremburg, Germany


  • 4.2" closed
  • 5.1" open
  • choose fine or medium nib
  • comes with one blue ink cartridge

Further Reading:  Kaweco writing instruments have been made in Germany since the 1800's. Their focus on exceptional quality and timeless designs results in a best-in-class writing experience.

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