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Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen

The Kaweco AL Sport fountain pen features an aluminum body that is sturdy but lightweight. Measuring 4.2" closed and 5.1" open, the pen is easily transportable while still being comfortable in the hand during use. 

The AL Sport is compatible with Kaweco's ink cartridges or a mini converter. The stainless steel nib is available in fine or medium width, and replacement/alternate nibs are sold here

The raw polished aluminum is a particularly nice option for those who appreciate the well-worn look of an everyday carry item. Like brass that has developed a rich patina, unfinished aluminum wears its weathering with pride. Expect small scuffs and scratches to develop on the surface as you use and carry the pen and embrace them as signs of a life well-lived for a product that will last you a good long time. 

The stonewashed black and blue pens are intentionally distressed, for a weathered look.

Materials: aluminum, plastic, stainless steel

Made by:  Kaweco

Made in:  Germany

Specifications:  4.2" closed; 5.1" open

Further Reading:  Kaweco writing instruments have been made in Germany since the 1800's. Their focus on exceptional quality and timeless designs results in a best-in-class writing experience.

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