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Slimpot Enamel Kettle

The long, shapely spout of the Tsukiusagi pot is carefully designed to deliver the perfect rate of hot water flow. A slow, controlled pour is an essential part of the pour-over coffee making process. The Slim Pot was designed by Komin Yamada and has been in production for more than 40 years since its launch in 1980.

Individually handmade by craftsmen in Japan, the enamel-coated metal is highly durable and easy to clean. We offer it in five vibrant colors. 

Not recommended for use on electric or induction stovetops.

Materials: enamel-coated metal

Made by: Tsukiusagi-Jirushi

Made in: Japan


  • 1.2L capacity
  • 7.5" H x 9" W
  • 4.5" diameter at base

Every Slimpot, regardless of exterior color, features a deep blue interior glaze that is speckled with white. The enamel glaze is applied by hand and as such, some variations in the finish are to be expected. These will not affect the performance of the product. 


  • Remove sticker and wash kettle inside and out before use.
  • Do not use on induction or electric cooktops.
  • Not microwave safe
  • Not for use over an open fire
  • Use an oven mitt to hold the handle after heating. When pouring, secure the lid with an oven mitt or cloth to prevent it from falling off. 


  • Dry thoroughly after each use to prevent rusting. 
  • Do not use metal scrubbers or textured cleaners as they may cause scratches.  

Further Reading:  The birth of Tsukiusagi-jirushi brand by Fujii Co., Ltd dates back to 1926. Tsukiusagi-jirushi played a key role in spreading enamel products and to this day each product is hand made by skilled craftsmen in Japan.


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