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Sisal + Cotton Massage Belt

Redecker's Sisal + Cotton Massage Belt guarantees the most relaxing and gentle exfoliation of your skin in the bath or shower without harsh irritation, so it's good for all skin types. Suitable for dry and wet massage, the natural sisal fibers improve blood circulation throughout your body and helps remove dead skin cells to create a youthful glow. For a more gentle scrub, use the reverse soft side.

The shape and size, paired with handles on both sides, will make it easy to clean your entire body, from neck to shoulders and harder to reach places like your back. 

Materials: cotton, sisal 

Made by: Bürstenhaus Redecker

Made in: Germany

Specifications: 34" x 5.25" 

Care: Hand wash with warm water, hang to air dry.

Further Reading:  Bürstenhaus Redecker is a BGS legacy brand. We've been carrying their products in our shops since the beginning. The first Redecker brushes were made in 1935. Since then, Redecker has expanded their offerings to include a variety of useful household tools. Through the years they have remained true to their commitment to combine natural materials with good design and functionality.

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