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Meurissette Chocolate Minis

Inside each "Meurissette" pack is 10 mini chocolate bars. Choose a selection of milk chocolate or dark and enjoy a sampling of some truly delicious Belgian chocolate! 


Milk Chocolate Mix: cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, whole milk powder*, coca mass*, caramel*6% (sugar*, dextrose*, cocoa butter*, sunflower lecithin*), hazelnuts*4%, salted roasted almonds*,4% (almonds, soya, wheat, salt), speculoos*3% (wheat flour*, beet sugar*, vegetable fats* (copra*, sunflower*), beet syrup*, whole eggs*, cinnamon ceylan*, spices*, sodium cabronate (baking powder)), speculoos spices*1% (Ceylan cinnamon*, nutmeg*, ginger*, star anise*, vanilla powder*), Guerande salt, vanilla*

Dark Chocolate Mix: cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, salted almonds* 4%, (almonds, soy, wheat), orange powder* 3%, pink berry*1%, Himalayan pink salt 0.2*%, natural orange flavor, vanilla

*from organic agriculture 

Origin of cacao: Papua New Guinea

Made by: Meurisse Chocolate

Made in: Belgium

Specifications: 3.5 oz

Milk Chocolate Mix:

•2 x 10g of Milk chocolate Creamy Milk
•2 x 10g of Milk chocolate with Caramel & Sea Salt
•2 x 10g of Milk chocolate with Almonds
•2 x 10g of Milk chocolate with Speculoos
•2 x 10g of Milk chocolate with Hazelnuts

Dark Chocolate Mix: 

•2 x 10g of Dark chocolate from Papua New Guinea
•2 x 10g of Dark chocolate with Himalayan Salt
•2 x 10g of Dark chocolate with Orange
•2 x 10g of Dark chocolate with Almonds
•2 x 10g of Dark chocolate with Pink Pepper

organic, fair trade

Packaging: plastic-free packaging, home-compostable foil inner wrapping

Further Reading: In 1845, Adolphe Meurisse founded a chocolate factory in Antwerp, at a time when chocolate was still a rare delicacy. Over the years, his brand endured, and the Meurisse chocolate bar became iconic in Belgium. Now, six generations later, the Meurisse brand has been revived with new takes on classic recipes and a focus on ethical and ecological business practices. 

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