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Mediterranean Mint Iced Tea, No, 93

A lively, palate-pleasing blend of invigorating Chinese green tea and fresh, clean peppermint leaves from the Pacific Northwest. A Mediterranean vacation in a glass.

Whether you're as "cool as a cucumber" or have that southern belle charm, the large tea sachets brew up 1 quart each of the perfect patio sipper to keep you refreshed all summer long. Click here for a Cucumber Mint Iced Tea recipe.

Tasting notes: peppermint, granite, and chocolate

Materials: Chinese gunpowder green tea and Pacific Northwest peppermint leaves

Made by: Steven Smith Teamaker

Made in: Portland, OR

Specifications: 12 1-quart sachets


Bring spring or freshly drawn filtered water to 185°F and pour 2 cups over sachet.
Steep 3 minutes, discard sachet and top off to one quart with filtered water.
Stir briskly and serve over ice.

To view an Iced Tea Brew Guide video, click here.

Prefer to cold steep? 


  1. Using freshly drawn filtered water, steep 1 quart-sized sachet in 2 ¾ cup (660mL) water. Due to the extraction process differing during cold steeping, please note less water is needed than with hot tea brewing.
  2. Simply place in your refrigerator for 6.5 hours.
  3. Remove sachet and enjoy.

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