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Lycksele Wool Mittens

A Swedish-knit, 4-layer woolen mitten for keeping your hands toasty in all kinds of weather. 

The Sami people are an ethnic minority in Norway, Sweden, & Finland, where they inhabit the Lapland region, an area in the north of these Scandinavian countries. The city of Lycksele was founded in Lapland over 400 years ago and became an important settlement for the Sami. This pattern takes inspiration from the “vasterbotten drall” weave technique of the Sami people and is colored with traditional Sami colors.


outer material: 100% Merino wool
interlining 1: Öjbro soft-warm
interlining 2: Thinsulate

inner lining: tricot

Made by:  Öjbro Vantfabrik

Made in:   Sweden

Specifications:  Öjbro generally recommends size Medium for women and size Large for men. 

Care:  For detailed care instructions we invite you to read this guide provided by Öjbro Vantfabrik.

Use:  These mittens are designed to keep your hands very warm in the coldest temps. The 4-layer construction is so warm, Öjbro has given it their Varning Varna Vantar emblem! What does that mean exactly? 

Varning Varma Vantar translates to Warning: Warm Mittens!

The triangular emblem that you'll see on these mittens emphasizes that there is something extra special about them: technically, they consist of 4 different mittens in one.

Each “mitten” has its function and the air trapped in the "mittens" and in between provides the best possible warmth without becoming unmanageable. It is the so-called "trapped" air that warms the mitten.

Thanks to 4 layers, the mitten is wind resistant, which in this case is better than windproof. Wind resistance lets the hand breathe.

The patterns are primarily aesthetic, but because they are built up with wool threads, the most content-rich patterns like this one are slightly warmer than the others.

Further Reading:  Öjbro Vantfabrik is a family-run Swedish design and manufacturing company located in Ulricehamn, Västergötland, Sweden. They draw inspiration from nature and the rich cultural heritage of Swedish knitting traditions to produce colorful interpretations of Nordic patterns in cozy woolen knitwear.

Their focus on slow fashion prioritizes goods of high quality and good design with reduced environmental impact. By partnering with small factory cooperatives in Sweden and Europe, they take a “quality over quantity” approach to producing their colorful mittens, hats, and socks.

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