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Large Nail Brush

A beechwood brush for the hands and nails. A row of stiffer, angled bristles assists in dislodging dirt from under nails. Made in Germany from solid beechwood and boar bristle, Redecker's brush is a plastic-free alternative to conventional nail brushes.

Available in two options: oiled beechwood and oiled thermowood. Thermowood is wood that has undergone an additional “baking” at a high temperature. This changes the physical and chemical properties of the wood, giving it an added level of protection from moisture. 

Materials:  oiled beechwood and light boar bristles, or oiled thermowood and light boar bristles

Made by:  Bürstenhaus Redecker

Made in:  Germany

Specifications:  3.75" x 1.5" x 1.5"

Wooden brushes that are exposed to water may develop dark spots over time. These are often mistaken for mold but are actually due to oxidation and do not affect the performance of the brush. Storing your brush on a soap saver or soap dish will help it to dry out between uses and extend its life.

Further Reading:  Bürstenhaus Redecker is a BGS legacy brand. We've been carrying their products in our shops since the beginning. The first Redecker brushes were made in 1935. Since then, Redecker has expanded their offerings to include a variety of useful household tools. Through the years they have remained true to their commitment to combine natural materials with good design and functionality.

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