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Incense Sticks

Apotheke Fragrance Incense Sticks are handmade in Japan in small batches. Each bamboo stick has a 100+ minute burn time.

Materials: Bamboo sticks

Made by: Apotheke Fragrance

Made in: Japan

Specifications: 25 sticks per tube; 13" long; 100+ minute burn time per stick

Further Reading:

White Tea- The image of this note comes from white tea. The aroma brings both freshness and sweetness with an accent of jasmine. (Bergamot / Lavender / Thyme / Mandarin / Ylang-ylang / Jasmine)

Tobacco Cedar- An oriental woody scent which reminds you a cigar. (Tobacco reef / Cedarwood / Sandalwood / Citrus / Spice)

Possess- It’s a spicy and woody scent blended with sandalwood, nutmeg, clove, ginger, jasmine, and vanilla.

Blue Spruce- “Blue spruce” is coniferous tree grows mainly in North America. It is believed that blue spruce is highly antibacterial and effects for air purification. Our fragrance, Blue Spruce has woody scent blended with cedarwood, pine, eucalyptus, douglas fir, and citrus. (Citrus / Douglas Fir / Cedarwood / Pine Needle / Eucalyptus)

Driftwood- As the name shows, it recalls you drifting woods. It’s very earthy and relaxing woody scent with the faint sweetness of vanilla. (Sandalwood / Cedarwood / Patchouli / Vanilla)

Oakmoss & Amber- This scent has a base of woody musk blended with oakmoss, amber, tonka beans, and herbs like sage and lavandin. (Sage / Orange / Grapefruit / Rose / Lavender / Herb / Oakmoss / Amber / Tonka beans)

Fig- A fruity green scent of fig. (Grapefruit / Orange / Marigold / Fig / Davana / Patchouli / Cedarwood)

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