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Zhong Sauce

Zhong sauce is a savory and sweet sauce that will enliven any meal with umami and heat. Inspired by the popular, classic Chengdu street snack Zhong Dumplings, Zhong Sauce is comprised of aromatic "fuzhi" soy sauce, slow-brewed with brown sugar, mushrooms, garlic, and a blend of dried chili peppers. This isn't just any sauce — it's the secret ingredient you didn't know your pantry was missing.

Materials:  non-gmo soybean oil, soy sauce (water, soybeans, wheat, salt), brown sugar, garlic, dried chili pepper, black vinegar, sesame oil, mushroom powder, spices

contains: wheat, soy, sesame

Made by:  Fly by Jing

Made in:  Sichuan, China

Specifications:   6 oz.

  • small batch crafted
  • sugar free
  • no msg
  • non gmo
  • no artificial preservatives


What do you put Zhong Sauce on? While we absolutely adore Zhong Sauce as a dipping sauce for dumplings and gyoza, there are many more culinary possibilities. Imagine drizzling Zhong Sauce over your morning scrambled eggs or generously folding it into your breakfast burrito for an unforgettable wake-up call. Craving noodles or salads with a twist? Zhong Sauce has got you covered. And go beyond its origins as a dipping sauce and use it as a marinade for fish and grilling glaze for proteins. (Really, anything that deserves a punch of sweet, savory, and spicy.)

What does Fly by Jing Zhong Sauce taste like?  Our Zhong sauce is sweet, tangy, spicy, and umami-rich all at once — intensely delicious and versatile. We at Fly By Jing source only the finest ingredients so you can taste the difference.

Zhong Sauce has a multitude of uses in the kitchen. If you're feeling adventurous, try your hand at making dumplings from scratch. Fly by Jing has instructions for Zhong Dumplings on their website!

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What We're Made Of:  Our flavors were born in Sichuan province, like Jing. Beyond hallucinogenic levels of spice or electrifying peppers, what really unifies Sichuan flavors is a complex 鲜 xian (umami) quality that draws out the essence of top-quality ingredients without overpowering their natural flavors. So that’s what we do — take the best ingredients and prepare them with integrity to create flavors like nothing else. Created by us, for us; but you can have some, too.

About Jing:  Born in Chengdu but raised everywhere, Jing uses her experience as a trained chef to share meaningful flavors that open people up to new ideas and conversations. After going by Jenny most of her life, she reclaimed the name Jing by coming home to her culture and self. 

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