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Puer for Preservation

Puer for Preservation is a rich, smooth, and earthy Shu Puer tea that brings center and balance. 

On the southwest border area of Yunnan sits the World Heritage Site Jingmai Mountain, home to a mix of the Dai, Blang, Hani, and Wa communities. This puer, from Bulang elder Mr. NanKang's community, is grown naturally following the rules of his ancestors.

He explains, "The Puer tea market is in chaos — individual sellers are pushing the price of puer ever higher, people bringing in tea and mixing it with our ancient leaves, piling it and saying it is puer. I cannot manage the market. I only know that our life is shorter than the life of a tea tree so to protect it is a huge responsibility. Our duty is to operate with respect, integrity & honesty".

Supporting this community through your purchase helps preserve the ancient tea forests planted over 1,800 years ago by Mr Nan's ancestors and secure livelihoods for younger generations. Your support also provides the motivation to continue to nurture and pass on the skills & knowledge acquired through lives intertwined with the ancient tea trees & forests.

Materials:  pu'er tea

Made by:  Mr. NanKang + Comins Tea

Origin:  A Bai La Co-operative, MangJing Village, Mount Jingmai, Puer County, Yunnan Province, China 

Specifications:  40g loose tea

Packaging:  The packet and label are both certified as industrial compostable.


  • Use 2.5g (1 tsp) of tea leaves for every 200mL (6.8oz) water, heated to 212℉.
  • Steep for 30 seconds on the first infusion, then 15 seconds thereafter.
  • up to 8 infusions

Further Reading:  Each of our Comins Tea varieties was selected by fine tea merchants Rob & Michelle Comins from growers and partners who produce delicious and flavorful tea in a way that positively impacts people, nature, and the planet. 

Rob & Michelle have been traveling the world since 2007, meeting and building relationships with dedicated growers to bring you a range of loose- leaf teas that offer an excellent balance of quality and value. They are passionate about fine tea and aim to make enjoying loose leaf tea an everyday pleasure.

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