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Uplifting Darjeeling

Uplifting Darjeeling is a deep and toasty black loose leaf tea that's both warming and nourishing.

The livelihood of around 180 farmers is closely tied to Bhawesh Niroula’s tea factory in the village of Chotta Poobong, Darjeeling. Created by Bhawesh's father in 2015, the factory is an initiative that has created dozens of local jobs. "Our cooperative and independent tea-processing facility offers our employees and farming partners two to three times the average tea garden rate in Darjeeling, while also providing people with purpose, livelihoods, and hope for the future at a time when many young people are leaving Darjeeling’s farming villages for the city."  

Supporting this project through your purchase will enable it to become profitable. The profits can then be allocated to important local social causes such as women's empowerment, education, and entrepreneurship.

Materials:  Darjeeling tea

Made by: Bhawesh Niroula Tea Factory + Comins Tea UK

Origin: Niroulas Cooperative, Chotta Poobong, Darjeeling, India

Specifications:  50g loose tea

Packaging:  The packet and label are both certified as industrial compostable.


  • Use 2 tsp of tea leaves for every 400mL (13.5oz) water, heated to 203℉.
  • Steep for 3 minutes.
  • 1-2 infusions

Further Reading:  Each of our Comins Tea varieties was selected by fine tea merchants Rob & Michelle Comins from growers and partners who produce delicious and flavorful tea in a way that positively impacts people, nature, and the planet. 

Rob & Michelle have been traveling the world since 2007, meeting and building relationships with dedicated growers to bring you a range of loose- leaf teas that offer an excellent balance of quality and value. They are passionate about fine tea and aim to make enjoying loose leaf tea an everyday pleasure.

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