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8" Dovetail Saw

Based in Sheffield, England, Crown Hand Tools is a maker of fine woodworking tools of exceptional quality.

The 8" Dovetail Saw is a heavy saw for its size, due to the solid hardwood handle and brass back. With a high teeth-per-inch (20 TPI), this backsaw is made for dovetailing, as its name implies. The handle of this saw is one of the most ergonomic we've seen, fitting comfortably in the hand for maximum control during use. 

Materials:  carbon steel, brass, stained beechwood

Made by:  Crown Hand Tools

Made in:  Sheffield, England

Specifications:   8" blade, 13" total length

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"As a family owned company, Crown Hand Tools and our loyal staff have been proudly manufacturing traditional woodworking hand tools for over fifty years.

Handmade to the finest quality, Crown has found the perfect equilibrium between tradition and innovation, making our tools beautiful as well as functional.

Our Master Craftsmen hand forge, temper and grind our tools as our ancestors did, whilst also using modern processes and materials, such as Cryogenics and Powder Metallurgy.

This combination of old and new techniques ensures we are giving our customers what we consider the best quality hand tools available."

-Crown Hand Tools

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