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Graza Olive Oil - Drizzle

Drizzle is 100% Extra Virgin finishing oil. It’s made from olives that are picked early, when flavor is bold and antioxidants are highest. Like a sprinkle of flaky salt or the squeeze of a good condiment, Drizzle adds a big pop of flavor right before you dig in. (That’s why it’s called a finishing oil!) Drizzle’s flavors are sensitive, though, so keep it off the heat. Use Graza's Sizzle oil for cooking. 

Materials: oil derived from 100% Picual* olives

Made by: Graza

Made in: Spain

Specifications: 16.9 oz (500 mL)

Use: A little Drizzle goes a long way! Use it on and around things like ice cream, pesto, popcorn, salads, sandwiches or even directly on your tongue!

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*Graza uses single origin Picual olives from Jaen, Spain. The oil from this fruit is extremely high in Polyphenols and also has the longest shelf stability & free-acidity stability of any olive varietal.

Graza oil is produced on organic farms. Their product is non-GMO certified and is packed in facilities that are certified allergen and gluten free. 

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