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Worm Castings Compost

Made entirely from organic scraps collected in Greater Boston, these worm castings are produced locally by Bootstrap Compost's vermicomposting team in Everett, Mass.

Easy to apply, nontoxic, and rich in nutrients and beneficial microbial activity, this product requires minimal effort and zero training. We recommend using a ratio of 1:4 castings to your growing medium.

Materials:  worm castings 

Made by:  Bootstrap Compost

Made in:  Massachusetts

Specifications:  2 lb bag or 6 lb bag

Packaging:  Your worm casting compost will arrive in a compostable paper bag. We recommend using your compost as soon as possible as its rich, earthy goodness will eventually start to decompose the bag! This is not harmful to your compost, but may be to your floor, counter, trunk.... you get the idea! 

Further Reading:  Slaying waste since 2011, Bootstrap Compost is a leading compost pickup service operating throughout Greater Boston, the Merrimack Valley, Worcester, Rhode Island and Hudson, N.Y. Partnering with local farms, Bootstrap diverts thousands of pounds of organic material from landfills every day. As a result, they are harnessing the potential of organic refuse to redefine and empower a local food community. Their farms benefit from their compost in the production of crops while each Bootstrap subscriber receives a portion of black gold for their own gardening projects. Remaining compost is donated to schools and community gardens. They consider it thoughtful, sustainable, and community-engineered composting.

Read more about how you can enroll in Bootstrap's Residential Composting Services.

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