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Wild Rice

Wild rice is not a true "rice" but an "aquatic seed." One of the New World's native grains, wild rice has too long been stuck on the holiday table or teamed with salmon and little else. Don't let odd marketing fool you; wild rice is a great everyday grain. It has a great chewy texture and distinct nutty flavor. It goes with beans or sautéed vegetables and while it may take awhile to cook (about an hour), it's easy and the results are delicious.

Cooking suggestions: Wild rice isn't fully cooked until the grain opens and you see the white germ. Cook with aromatic vegetables and water for best result. Serve with salmon, in a holiday stuffing or with ground beef and seasonal vegetables (makes a unique bell pepper stuffing!).

Recipes and more information on Wild Rice at Rancho Gordo.

Made by: Rancho Gordo

Made in: USA

Specifications: 1 lb. 

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