Wild Harvested Tea

Juniper Ridge Collection

Sustainable, wild harvested tea, yielded meticulously by hand from a dedicated team scouring the hills, mountains and trails of the American West. Packed in unbleached bags and presented in a tin tube, the natural, small-batch leaves make for the a clean, cozy cup of tea for every season. 

White Sage & Wild Mint Tea: Harvested from the Mojave Desert of California. A complex, warming tea with top notes of refreshing mint, herbal mid-tones, and resinous base accents. Steep lightly to bring out the slight mint flavor, or steep longer to release the deeper earthy tones. Add over ice for a great summer iced tea, and even add to bourbon for a play on a Mint Julep. 

Douglas Fir TeaHarvested from the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. A clean, crisp cup of evergreen tea that will evoke the image of a conifer forest spotted with sunlight and flowing streams. Top notes of bright citrus, herbal mid-tones, earthy base accents.

Materials: wild harvested white sage, organic mint, wild mint; douglas fir needle tips

Made by: Juniper Ridge

Made in: California, USA

Specifications: 20 bags per tin

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