Vanilla Milk Chocolate

Starting with the highest quality Brazilian cacao, and the best old-fashioned organic A2/A2 whole milk from Alexandre Family Farm, Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate has created a deliciously creamy 55% milk chocolate. It is highlighted by a very special addition of Madagascan Vanilla Beans.

Ingredients: Cacao*, cane sugar, A2/A2 milk*, cocoa butter*, vanilla bean*


Made by: Dick Taylor Craft Chocolates

Made in: California, USA 

Specifications: 57g/2oz

Futher Reading: What is A2/A2 milk? Traditionally, cows produced milk with A2/A2 beta-casein protein. Over time, a mutated A1 gene worked its way into dairy cattle. Cows today produce a combination of A1 and A2 proteins, creating a type of milk that is relatively new to the human body and may be more difficult to digest. Alexandre Family Farm, who provides the milk used to make this Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate, chooses cows that only make A2/A2 milk. It’s most natural to the body and easily absorbed. 

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