Vacuum Flask


A tough, dependable thermos manufactured with high-grade stainless steel and quality vacuum insulation technology. Capable of keeping liquids hot or cold for extended periods with little variation in temperatures. Product testing revealed the flask's capacity for heat retention with starting temperatures of around boiling and an ending temperature of about 140 °F after 24 hours. 

With a large one-liter capacity, double-walled stainless cup, additional plastic cup, and a combined screw and pouring stopper, this vacuum flask is the perfect accessory for any expedition into the wilderness. Ideal for camping trips and cold-season hikes when a hot beverage is necessary for keeping warm. 

*Made from BPA-free materials*

Materials: stainless steel, plastic

Made by: Esbit

Made in: Germany

Specifications: 1 liter (flask capacity); 8.5 oz. (mug capacity); 1.3 lbs. 

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