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Traveler's Passport Notebook Refill

Customize your Traveler's Passport Notebook with an extensive collection of paper refills and add-ons. Choose from essentials like Lined, Grid and Blank paper, or unique additions like Sketch paper and Weekly or Monthly planners. This notebook is sized to accommodate your passport, making it an essential travelling companion, in addition to an everyday organizer. 

Buying a new journal is an investment, and as a writer it can be impossible to find a notebook that fits all of your needs. Traveler's leather notebooks are ideal because they are well-made, refillable journals with a fully customizable interior, meaning they can be built to fit the needs of each person. Whether a professional or casual writer, Traveler's Notebooks are the perfect investment for anyone who spends their day or travels putting pen to paper. 

Lined, Grid, Blank, Kraft, Dot Grid: 64 pages, saddle stitched 

Sketch: 32 pages, saddle stitched

Lightweight: 80 pages, perforated, saddle stitched 

Weekly: 28 weeks (half year), monthly pages, sewn bound

Monthly: 14 months, extra blank pages, world map, sewn bound

Materials: paper

Made by: Traveler's Company

Made in: Japan 

Specifications: H 4.9" x W 3.5" x D 0.2"

*Note: These refills are specific to the Traveler's Passport Notebook. Refills for your standard Traveler's Notebook can be found here.

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