Titan Stormproof Match Kit


Weather-proof matches designed to withstand any of nature's elements, giving you the power to light fires for warmth and cooking in any condition when camping, hiking, mountaineering, or even lighting an outdoor grill. Packaged in a waterproof case that floats, the matches are windproof and waterproof, capable of lighting even after being submerged in water, four inches in length, and burn for an impressive twenty-five seconds. 

The kit includes 12 matches, 3 replaceable strikers, and waterproof case with cord to attach to lanyard. 

Made by: Uco

Made in: USA

Specifications: 2.9 oz.4.125" matches

: For outdoor use by adults only. Carefully monitor lit matches until completely burned. Store extra strikers in protective sleeves after use to keep dry. Store matches separately from strikers to prevent accidental ignition.*

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