Polkadog Bakery

Tinsel and Flock Treats

Tinsel & Flock treats are Polkadog's classic clam stick recipe. Clams are one of the most sustainable protein sources in the ocean. They’re high in omega fatty acids, low in calories, and filter the water where they live. Low impact and delicious, they’re a perfect steward for the earth, and the perfect ingredient for a Polkadog creation. Tuck these tasty treats under the tree for your favorite pupper who's been good all year! 

Ingredients: quahog clam, salmon, potato flour, brown rice

Made by: Polkadog Bakery

Made in: Boston, MA

Specifications: 5 oz. (142g)

Further Reading: Polkadog is obsessed with sustainable quality. That means sourcing ingredients from conscientious people in their own backyard. Polkadog treats are made in a kitchen on Boston's Fish Pier. 

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