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The Pencil Collection: Blackwing Edition

As self-proclaimed pencil aficionados and purveyors of fine writing instruments, we like to think we know a good pencil when we see one. Blackwing pencils have been around since the 1930s and have gained a cult status among artists, musicians, writers, or anyone who appreciates the value of a well-made writing tool. Made with incense cedar wood from the Pacific Northwest, premium Japanese graphite, and an iconic rectangular eraser, Blackwings combine superior materials with good design for an exceptional writing experience.

Our collection of six colorful Blackwing pencils is tucked neatly into a kraft box of our own design, ready to delight and inspire. We’ve included some of Blackwing’s quintessentials, like the Pearl and the 602, along with some limited edition “Volumes” styles. The result is a sampling of some truly exemplary pencils, ideal for anyone wanting to explore the Blackwing range. 

In each box, we’ll include one of each: 

Blackwing Natural
Blackwing Pearl
Blackwing 602
Blackwing Matte
2 Styles of Volumes (Styles will vary)

Materials: incense wood, graphite, metal ferrule, elastomer eraser

Curated by: Boston General Store

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