The Knit Kit - Essential Ribbed Hat

One of our pursuits here at Boston General Store is to celebrate the makers and the goods they make. Well now that maker is YOU.

We curated this Knit Kit to contain everything you need to knit our Essential Ribbed Hat: tools, yarn, and instructions. The result: a warm knit hat made with high-quality hand-dyed wool, and it's made by you. Wear it with the pride of knowing it was crafted by your own hands, or else give it as a gift. 

Included in each kit, you'll find:

  • hand-dyed wool & alpaca blended yarn made by Manos del Uruguay
  • US 3 16" circular knitting needles by Lykke, made in Nepal
  • US 3 straight needles by Lykke, made in Nepal
  • stitch markers by Cocoknits (Oakland, CA)
  • crochet hook by Cocoknits (Oakland, CA)
  • pattern for the essential ribbed hat 

Materials:  yarn is 70% wool, 30% alpaca; knitting needles are made of birch wood

Curated by: Boston General Store

Further Reading: Manos del Uruguay is a not-for-profit organization created in 1968 to bring economic and social opportunities to Uruguayan rural women. They are organized in cooperative throughout Uruguay's countryside, where they spin and hand-dye yarns. They are also proud members of the World Fair Trade Organization. 

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