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Sunflower Surprise

Beautiful surprises happen when plants and pollinators are left to their own devices. Hudson Valley Seed Company's sunflower mix has its origins in a wet summer, when the bags protecting the heads of their sunflowers from cross-pollination melted off in a heavy rain. Tall and short, orange, yellow, maroon, striped, singles, and multiples all crossed creating a new cacophony of sunny blooms. This mix is a riff on the same idea, featuring a range of colors and heights that will provide sunny blooms all season long.

All the sunflowers in this mix are tall, but heights do vary, giving it a slightly wild and fun appearance when sown in blocks.

Contains Lemon Queen, Velvet Queen, Autumn Beauty, Skyscraper, and Sungold Dwarf sunflowers.

Materials: sunflower seeds in a paper packet

Made by: Hudson Valley Seed Company

Made in: New York, USA

Specifications: 100 seeds

Use: Direct sow after frost in clumps. Good soil will yield magnificent plants, but will grow well in any regular garden soil (just go lightly on extra nitrogen, which encourages leafy growth over blooms). Use blooms from branching plants for cut flowers. Let some go to seed for you and the birds.

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Days to Germination 10-14
Days to Maturity 100
Planting Depth 1"
Spacing in Row 12"
Spacing Between Rows 18-36"
Height at Maturity Varies
Width at Maturity Varies
Sun Preference Full Sun

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