Stormproof Sweetfire Strikeable Fire Starter


A convenient, easy-to-use storm proof fire starter that works just like the light of a match. These weather proof tinder are cleverly designed with a match heads to make them strikeable and are crafted with a by-product of sugarcane, called bagasse, used all over the world as a renewable biofuel, making it safe for the environment. Each match point is also infused with vegetable wax to allow for up to seven minutes of burn time. 

Never struggle to start a fire again. Simply break off one of the Sweetfire Fire Starter match points, strike it against the strip on the box and your fire is ready to burn. 

*CAUTION: For outdoor use by adults only. Carefully monitor lit matches until completely burned. Store extra strikers in protective sleeves after use to keep dry. Store matches separately from strikers to prevent accidental ignition.*

Materials: sugarcane waste, vegetable wax

Made by: UCO

Made in: Seattle, USA

Specifications: 7 min. (burn time/per); 6" L; 5.5" H; 1.25" W

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