Planning Stamp Set

We thought this planning stamp set would make a unique addition to our Office collection. Five acrylic stamps provide templates that turn any notebook, journal, or piece of paper into a productivity tool. The stamps nestle neatly into the provided desktop tray like their very own Tetris puzzle and include a perpetual calendar, 5mm dot grid, task list, task rating, and time-tracker. So clever!  

Transparent acrylic allows for precise placement every time, and photopolymer stamps create a crisp and clean impression. Included with the set is an ink pad in a just-right shade called Stone Gray.

Materials: acrylic, acid-free and non-hazardous hybrid dye ink

Made by: Appointed

Made in: American-made with domestic and foreign parts


Tray: 5" × 5"
Stamp sizes:
2.25” × 2.25” × .75”
2.25” × 1” × .75”
2” × 3” × .75”
3.25” × 2.25” × .75”
1.75” diameter × .75”

Use: Store stamps face down in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Acrylic can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Stamp surface can be cleaned with a lint-free cloth and mild soap if necessary. Intended for use with water-based or hybrid inks.

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