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Spice it Up Gift Box

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This one’s got a kick to it. Spice things up with a selection of our best sweet heat treats! Start with a sampling of Taza Chocolate’s Mexican-inspired stone ground chocolate. Made using traditional Mexican stone mills, Taza’s chocolate is crafted with minimal processing to preserve the bright, fruity flavors of the cacao beans. Makabi & Sons shortbread cookies combine rich cocoa with sweet cinnamon and a hint of cayenne. Tree’s Knees Spicy Maple infuses sweet maple syrup from the Catskill Mountains with a spicy mix of chile peppers. Imagine it drizzled over bacon or roasted vegetables and you’ll understand why we like this unique flavor combination so much. A packet of Q's Nuts Flaming Nuts will round out our fiery collection. Heat things up this Valentine's Day with a gift that's sweet and spicy! 

Available in a kraft gift box or a reusable wooden gift box with lid

* Flavors may vary *

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