Sourwood Honey

Savannah Bee Company

Bold, dark honey with rich and buttery flavors, sourced from the blossoms of the Sourwood tree native to the Appalachian Mountains. Nectar production of Sourwood trees is linked to elevation, meaning this rare honey's supply is limited to the mountainous region of the Southeastern United States. Most of the Sourwood honey crop is eaten locally in Appalachia, with little making it on the shelves outside of the territory. 

With maple and other big spice notes, Sourwood honey makes for a distinct addition to sauces and marinades for meats like chicken or pork tenderloin. It also works as drizzle for pancakes in place of maple syrup. 

Materials: honey

Made by: Savannah Bee Company

Made in: Georgia, USA; Sourced in Southern Appalachia Mountains (Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina) 

Specifications: 12 oz. 

Certified Gluten Free, Kosher (KSA) 

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