Solid Fuel Stove + Cookset


Lightweight cookset crafted from strong, anodized aluminium and stainless steel, designed for use with Esbit Solid Fuel tablets. Ideal for camping, hiking and mountaineering trips.

The pot holds nearly 20 ounces and includes a lid and stand, both of which can be placed inside after use for compact storage. Stainless steel handles protect your hands from the heat and can be folded to save additional space. Also included is a mesh bag to hold all of the cookset contents during travel. 

*Cookset for solid fuel tablets. Pot does not have non-stick coating.*

Materials: aluminum, stainless steel, nylon mesh

Made by: Esbit

Made in: Germany

Specifications: 7.5 oz. (total weight) ; 20 oz. (volume) ; 4"H ; 3.5" D

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