Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour Cocktail Mixer


A spirited, handmade cocktail mixer crafted by bartenders for admirers of the Whiskey Sour. This tincture rejuvenates the sour by using bitter orange peel and lemon along with honey smoked over bourbon barrel staves to balance the tartness of the citrus and to bring an updated recipe to this classic cocktail. The honey acts as an emulsifier when shaken with the rest of the ingredients, creating the essential frothy head of a Whiskey Sour. 

Shake equal parts mixer with whiskey of choice (bourbon works best) and lots of ice. Strain into glass with fresh ice or serve neat and top with a squeeze of an orange peel garnish. Swap out whiskey for tequila to make an extra smoky-sweet Margarita. 

Materials: Fresh Lemon Juice, Water, Bourbon Barrel Smoked Georgia Honey, Florida Golden Cane Sugar, Fresh Orange Peel

Made by: Bittermilk

Made in: South Carolina, USA

Specifications: 17 fl. oz. 

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