Slippery Elm Lozenges


Trusted oral relief since 1847, these drops provide a natural remedy to sore throat and mouth discomfort without the use of menthol. Made from the inner bark of the Slippery Elm tree, which contains natural demulcents that soothe mouth tissues and restore the voice, Thayers lozenges are perfect for singers, public speakers, and all kinds of vocalizers. Crafted only with vegetable matter and gluten, lactose, sodium and preservative free, they are also ideal for use by vegans. 

Available in Original or Tangerine flavors. 

Materials:  Slippery Elm Bark (150 mg) (active ingredient) in a soothing base of natural plant derived sweetener derived from corn, with vegetable stearate as a binder.

Made by: Thayers

Made in: Connecticut, USA

Specifications: 42 count