Seasonal Salt Duo

Duxbury Saltworks

Use clean, pure sea salt on all of your favorite foods. Duxbury Saltworks sea salt is hand harvested in small batches from a pristine water source in Duxbury, MA. It tastes delicious and will enhance any meal.

This duo includes a jar of Duxbury Saltworks plain sea salt as well as a jar of their seasonal salt blend, which is a delicious herbal blend of savory chives, and rose petals. It is light, versatile, and a perfect compliment for your meals as we transition into the warmer weather.


Materials: 100% pure sea salt, chives, rose petals

Made by: Duxbury Saltworks

Made in: Duxbury, MA


  • 1.5 oz jar of Duxbury Saltworks plain sea salt
  • 1.5 oz jar of Duxbury Saltworks seasonal salt blend

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