Signature Parfum

Saint Rita Parlor

Handmade unisex perfume carefully crafted with over 18 rare and organic essential oils. This artisinal fragrance has subtle tones and a gentle release, giving your skin a a soft, but intoxicating, scent that will last throughout the day.

Top notes of whiskey invoke the toasted, caramelized aroma of wooden oak barrels. Heart notes of tobacco, rich with scents of smoke and leaf, are warm and comforting. Finally, base notes of rose lighten the bouquet of the parfum to playfully round out its fragrance journey.

Materials: essential oils, parfum

Made by: Saint Rita Parlor

Made in: California, USA

Specifications: 5 ml; 15 ml

Further Reading: This parfum is inspired by the maker's grandmother, Rita - who is the muse and namesake of the Saint Rita Parlor brand. The fragrance pays homage to the matriarch's love for a hand-rolled cigarette and a tumbler of whiskey and water in her rose garden. Neil Bardon, owner and proprietor of Saint Rita Parlor, powers the shop with a fresh take on sunglasses and eyewear, but this introduction into the fragrance market has proven that his business approach can work in any arena: honest, handmade goods with heritage designs. 

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