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The perfect, custom-designed shave kit for your favorite Ernest Supplies products. The kit's simple, masculine design will have you looking sharp when packing for the gym or for that weekend out of town.

Materials: Kit includes the Ernest Supplies Toolroll, (1) Protective Matte Moisturizer, (1) Cooling Shave Cream, (1) Soap-Free Gel Face Wash and (1) Ernest Supplies Logo Razor with Triple Blade Cartridge*.

Made by: Ernest Supplies

Made in: Hand-sewn in California


  • 10.0oz., military-grade, waxed canvas (makes it water resistant)**
  • 100% leather trim
  • Custom-designed specifically to hold Ernest Supplies pouches

Ernest Supplies logo razor handles and triple blade cartridges are compatible with Gillette Mach 3 blade cartridges.
** Over time, with use, the wax layer on this item will begin to wear off. We recommend using Otter Wax to revitalize the wax layer on this piece. To restore the smooth wax finish between uses, carefully apply heat (with a hairdryer) and the wax "petina" will be restored to "like new" condition. Be careful not to overheat the piece as the cotton canvas will be damaged or burned.

Collections: Bath, Shave + Beard

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