Purslane Botanical Ring

Peg & Awl

Made of recycled metal, the Purslane Botanical Ring pays homage to the succulent of the same name, known for its plump rambling leaves and gentle yellow flowers.

Materials: Recycled silver or bronze

Made by: Peg & Awl

Made in: Pennsylvania


Inches: Approximately 3/8″ tall by 1/2″ wide
Metric: Approximately 9.5 mm tall by 13 mm wide

Ring Band:
Inches: Approximately 1/8″ thick
Metric: Approximately 3 mm thick

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Includes giftable packaging with a polishing cloth. 

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Many people experience a greening effect when they wear bronze, brass or copper jewelry. Peg & Awl's recycled bronze rings are treated and sealed to lessen tarnishing and skin discoloration, but eventually the treatment will wear off. The simplest way to re-seal is to use clear nail polish.

PURSLANE (portulaca oleracea)
Origin: Cosmopolitan Species
Edible notes: Leaf and stem, slightly tangy
Nutrition: Iron, Omega 3 fatty acids
In Season: All year
Medicinal Use: Antiseptic


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